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This is the official The Cobras Clan website.

      The Cobras Clan is a clan where their home is Halo: Reach. We are made up of divisions for specific objectives. You do not have to participate in more than one division. We do machinima, train for clan battles, play GTA V, and much more. You may just simply stick with machinima if you like, or you may just stick with military. It is up to you. We also have an extremely organized and official setup. Everything is recorded via Google Drive. Certain people have certain permissions in what they can view. There are no obligations that you are required to make in the clan, other than signing up on our website and sending a friend request to our Xbox LIVE profile KingCobraI64. This clan is meant for gamers who don't have time for full-time-job clans. We respect that you may be a busy person or that you may have a lot to deal with in your life. We understand that gamers are online to escape and have fun. If you like anything that was said above, we could be the clan for you. At least give it a try!

     If you would like to learn more about TCC, click the link to our website above, and then click on the link on the side bar called "Official Documents." We are a great community of people and we would love to be expanded! It is highly recommended that, if you want to know more and/or understand the The Cobras Clan to a greater extent, you read the Cobra Handbook. If you would  like to see some of our machinima, go to

Here are the requirements to join The Cobras Clan:

• Xbox LIVE Gold membership

• Willing to add people due to clan requirements to your friends list on Xbox LIVE

• Working headset

• Online at least once a week

• The age of thirteen and up (few exceptions)

• Must not be enlisted in any other Halo clan.

• Must have a copy of Halo: Reach and any other game your division may use.

• Consistent access to the Internet

• Must take the clan seriously.

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